About Us

Everyone has heard of what has been called “The Perfect Storm”, where several disparate events occur at the same time to make a more powerful storm than each of them could have done on their own.

So maybe you can call STEMKids a “Perfect Venture”, where several disparate individuals came together, each with extremely unique expertise, to solve an educational problem facing early-age children in the United States.

Take one of us, with a long career in building business entities, bringing new products to market, and is very involved in the world of Montessori education, where STEM-oriented teaching abounds.  His greatest success is in bringing new and unique products into the Retail marketplace.

Add another, an individual who has sold, marketed, and published for countless projects, capitalizing on their creative skills to promote new ventures through the worlds of PR, SEO, SMO.  As one of the few writers selected to manage content creation regarding a specific topic for The New York Times “About.com”, his skills in marketing promotion are unequaled in the Central Florida area.

Completing the mix of unique individuals, and the central moving force behind this venture, is one who came to the United States from Poland many years ago. After several successful entrepreneurial ventures in Europe, they decided to capitalize on their dedication and persistence by coming to the US and starting several other successful small businesses.

However, what was found was a lacking in the US educational system in the area of fostering interest and skills in what we know as S.T.E.M. subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Then, purely by coincidence, a Polish company who specializes in the creation and marketing of STEM-oriented toys and games throughout Europe was introduced to this trio of people with such complementary skills.

These three individuals met, compared experiences, and decided to create a new venture called STEMKids Learning Systems LLC to bring those already successful Polish products into the North American marketplace.

Our products have been successfully sold in Europe, and we have brought Americanized versions of these toys and games into the USA where they have been child-tested by Montessori-taught children to see if a) they are fun to play with, b) they actually promote STEM concepts to younger children, and c} they are reasonably priced so they would be economically available to public and private schools, parents and grandparents, as well as the vast home-schooled communities which abound throughout America.

We welcome all who are interested in providing a fun-in-learning STEM-oriented education to their schools, children and grandchildren.